Food: It Connects the Souls

Food: It Connects the Souls

When you talk about food, it connects the souls. No matter in which corner of the world you are living in, you can find a pinch of tang in the food of that space. Come on, you cannot say that you don’t love food. There hardly are fellows who don’t like to eat food and if you are one of these fellows then you are missing out something really wow.

There are plenty of cuisines like Asian Cuisine, Japanese cuisine and other cuisines out there that are ever ready to suffice you with their extensive range of food items. Whether you talk about snacks, starters, complete meals or desserts; there is no shortage anywhere.  Talking about the cuisine of Asia, there is a huge variety available. Asia is such a widespread area having many different influences, cultures and flavours thatit is really difficult to pick out characteristic Asian dishes. There are even some Asian dishes that have broken the shackles of boundaries and have made their place in other areas of the world.Some of the dishes are even so famous that there are battles among ‘gourmets’, who created what dish and which nation can claim credit of the origin of that dish.


It is a spicy noodle soup that is supposed to be invented by Singaporeans, though it’s more probable to be derived from Chinese or Malay culture. The origin of this name Laksa is unidentified, but it is now widely popular not just in Malaysia and Singapore, but in Australia and beyond. People love to eat this dish even when they don’t know about its origin!

Fish Balls

Fish Balls are most likely for Asians what Hot Dogs are for the Americans.  Indeed these are not testicles of the fish, as one might be doubtful about, but pressed fish meat, relished on a stick or as simply a soup, chiefly available at Asian hawker stalls or the street vendors everywhere in region. These balls are served cooked, steamed orfried and are considered as tiny, cheap snacks.  Once you tried Laksa, you would love it. It is a blast for your taste senses;blending sweet likecoconut tastes with sour likelemon grass or citrus.

Dim Sum

It is apparent that the Chinese dishes are extremely popular in most of the Asian countries. After all, the Chinese as keen travellers and migrants since ancient times created substantial parts of every population in the Asian countries.They fetched plenty of their favourites from home and combined them with local dishes. One of these favourites is Dim Sum.   Actually Dim Sum emerged from a Cantonese phrase means ‘a little token’ and denotes little treasures of food, hidden away in tiny steamer baskets. Diverse kinds of filled, steamed buns or variety of small dishes served on tiny plates.


Thus, these were a few of the popular food items of Asian cuisine. You can explore different dishes of different cuisines at a place like Oye's Chinese Restaurant & Bar in Saugus MA. You just need to decide and a delicious streak of food items would open in front of you.