Steamed or fried- Asia puts it all on your platter in ever delectable ways

Steamed or fried- Asia puts it all on your platter in ever delectable ways

Aromatic barbecued meat, almost no-oil dumplings, stuffed sushi and a hell lot of a steaming, low oil dishes make up the crème of Asian cuisine. Not only among the Asian countries, but a good number of Asian dishes are popular with the western countries as well.

Before going into the de-e-tailed of the most popular Asian dishes, it can be summed up that rice and fish do play the major protagonists in your platter if you know what exactly to order in any restaurant and bar for Asian cuisine so as to satiate your taste buds all at once. Here’s a list of what to order according to your preference of fish, meat or spices from the traditional Asian menu.

Sushi..the mother of all!

Of course, it’s the name you are ought to come across in the menu of any and every Asian restaurant, tagged as the ‘most ordered or chef’s special’. More popular for the vinegar-ed or flavored rice with the Japanese crowd, sushi has a basic identity of raw fish rolls among the non-Japanese crowds. Be it the swarming markets of Thailand, be it the exotic resorts of Indonesia or be it the fancy and expensive restaurants of Singapore- sushi is readily available in all its varieties. Seafood, especially pieces of fish is rolled into white rice, flavored with vinegar and wrapped in a seaweed- nori with a little soy sauce- makes up the most common variant of sushi.

Tom Yum

Having a pretty much watery consistency, this one’s another popular Asian dish. Often ordered as a side dish with mixed fried rice or any kind of rice as such, tom yum is tangy and hot gravy, rich with seafood. Beginning right from prawns, sea fish to oysters, squid and mushrooms- you can get a mixed platter of all. Originally the Thai people prefer it having in the main course, but the foreign crowds prefer it to be in their first served appetizers’ list.

Nasi goreng

It’s bliss for the spice lovers and a must-have for you while visiting an Asian country, especially the beaches. Fried rice is too basic a term for this dish, as a lot more goes into it in the wok. Sauces are at liberty in this case, wherein soya sauce plays the hero and a good deal of garlic taste remains at the fore front. Shallots, prawns, squids, chopped fish and even minced chicken are fried up together with the rice. Though restaurants offer side dishes such as fish in oyster sauce, yet, this can be eaten all alone as a complete meal.


Being in any Asian country, the most common sight in the market places has to be the people hawking satay in numerous food stalls. Cheap stomach fillers, these are meat on sticks fried on open charcoal grills. From fish, chicken, beef and what not! These must-haves are mostly preferred by travelers on their evening strolls.

Asian cuisine is popular all across the globe, owing to it’s all the cheap ingredients and easy-to-make recipes; with these few dishes topping the list. So next time you host a dinner with Asian cuisine as the specials of the evening, do keep this handy list pinned on your kitchen door!